At POSTQUAM BROWARD SPA We care about the health of our clients offering services that keeps your body healthier with a variety of treatments designed according to your needs.There treatments helps you reduce volumen (inches) in a short time with minimal effort.

Diet and exercise helps you to reduce volumen and lose some weight, but sometimes they are not enough to reduce the abdomen. Reducing treatments will help you to reduce the volumen of the body with more localized fat. No instruments will penetrate the body physically. That is why they are called non-invasive.

Firming body treatment will help to recover elasticity and increase skin's firmness, so that the silhouette is more defined. It is indicated for people who whether due to lack of physical exercise, a sedentary life, an inadequate diet have lost the original firmness of the skin. 
It combines machines and manual tecnique to get better results. This treatment works in differents levels:
- Muscles: re-educates and models the muscle and increases muscle mass.
- Connective tissue: stimulates fibroblasts to increses collagen and elastin's synthesis to achieve a smoother and more elastic skin 

It is a treatment with which We achieve an important reduction of liquids and an improvement of cellulite quickly. This is a pleasant, simple, relaxing and painless technique session of about 1 hour.

Cold bandages are used against sagging skin and burn fat. We use localized body wrap cold technique (cryotherapy) to firm and stimulate peripheral circulation.

It is one of the best treatmet to reduce localized fat desposits in order to eliminate them through  urine, without side effects and without any discomfort. It is indicated for all people who accumulate fat in the legs, abdomen, and also in the hips. Itr will  required betwen 10 -20 sessions

It is a technique, which consists of applying energy through the surface of the skin by means of a deep and controlled heating, whic affects the skin and fat tissue. Your skin will be reddish at the beginnig because of increase of blood flow to the treated area. It is usefull when you applied this technique with reduction treatments.

Laser energy penetrates the skin, in a safe manner, targeting the fat cells, releasing fatty acids, water and glycerol. The fat is absorbed by the lymphatic system where it gets broken down and the processed by the liver. The fat cells then diminished in size significantly resulting in inch loss and cellulite elimination.

CRIOLIPOLIS (coming soon)
It is a new non-invasive treatment that allows the elimination of body fat by applying cold techniqque.